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Do you come to The Problem Site every day to play games? If you're like most of our members, you have certain games that you like to play, and others that you don't enjoy as much, so you skip them. And because of this, you wish you could set up your own sequence of games, so you can jump from game to game quickly.

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That's what the "My Next Game" feature is! If you are a Pro Member, you can use the form below to set up your own sequence. You can include both daily and non-daily games in your sequence. In fact, you can even include both the non-daily and the daily version of the same game, which allows you to do some practice games before the "real" thing.

Just move games to the "Selected" box, and then drag them up and down to set the order. Click "Save" when you are done. Then you can choose "Play My Favorites" from the "Go Pro!" menu to start your games.


In order to save your settings, you must be a Pro Member

Daily Entrapment
Daily Secret Word
Daily Matchstick Shuffle
Daily Picture Word
Daily Word Funnel
Daily Hangman
Daily Secret Number
Daily Subtraction Triangle
Daily Diamond Slide
Daily Word Flash
Daily Side by Side
Daily Scrambled Word
Daily Word Grid
Daily Cross Search
Daily Telephone Game
Daily Operations Game
Daily Word Snake
Daily Express This!
Attribute Game
Attribute Matching
Blackberry Game
Cheater Hangman
Closest Color
Color Picker
Cross Search
Diamond Slide
Express This!
Fraction Concentration
Fraction HiLo
Guess It!
Last Candle
Letter Recognition
Magical Squares
Matchstick Shuffle
Math Scramble
Memory Lane
Multi Word Scramble
Null Gee
Number Quest
Number Recognition
One of These
One to Ten
Operations Game
Picture Spell
Picture Word
Quad Puzzle
Quadratic Rush
Rotating Block
Scrambled Word
Secret Number
Secret Word
Side by Side
Spell It!
Subtraction Triangle
Telephone Game
Trio Match
Word Flash
Word Funnel
Word Grid
Word Snake
Word Spin

In order to save your settings, you must be a Pro Member

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