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A small one-time payment gives you perpetual access to creating your own quizzes, printable mazes, word puzzles (Jumbles, Word Searches, and Cross Searches), problem pages,  and reference units.  What does "perpetual access" mean? It simply means that you pay once, and these features never expire on your user account.

In addition to all of this, Pro Membership also allows you to create a sequence of your favorite games, so you can hop from favorite to favorite every day.

There are some bonus features that require a yearly renewal:

Yearly Subscription Based Features

Virtual Classroom

The Virtual Classroom allows you to assign activities on the site to your students/children, and review reports on their progress through the activities.  The powerful reporting features available to teachers make this a perfect fit for educators wanting to provide enrichment activities, regular problem solving practice, or just some good old educational game fun.

Ad Free

Completely remove all ads from the site for one year. Even members who use an ad blocker will find this feature useful, since the advertising space becomes a toolbar that gives you convenient access to all the things you want to see on the site. Besides, if you can afford $4.95 per year, you're supporting free content for schools from all over the globe that use this site.

The Pro Toolbar

The Pro Toolbar fills the ad slot on the left side of the screen, and allows users quick access to favorite pages, new content, player high scores and ratings.

Virtual Classroom Student Credits

Virtual Classroom add-ons are optional for teachers using the Virtual Classroom.  You do not need to pay a per-student fee to use the Virtual Classroom.  However, the inexpensive Student Credits add some nice bonus features for both students and teachers:

  • The Virtual Classroom Toolbar appears on the left hand side of the page, providing a double purpose: it allows students to access their assignments from anywhere on the site and it effectively slides advertising to a less obtrusive location lower on the page.
  • A Student Credit provides account security; if a student loses their login information, and they have a student credit applied to their account, you can help them recover their account and Virtual Classroom data.
  • Students who have a credit applied to their member account, and have a confirmed email address on the site, will receive email notifications whenever their teachers assign new assignments, or grade problems/questions on the site.


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