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Adders Arithmetic Game

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Game Instructions

In this game, you are a snake (an adder!) trying to solve simple math facts like 5 + 7 = ? or 17 - 9 = ?. Your math question will appear at the bottom of the page, and four possible solutions will appear within the game area. You must choose the correct solution, and run into it.

While you are moving about, beware of running into walls, or running into yourself; if you crash into an interior wall, you lose 1/3 of a life. Three crashes end your life. Note that crashing into an incorrect answer ALSO loses 1/3 of a life! Crashing into yourself OR the edge of the playing field costs 1 life.

Each time you correctly solve a problem, your snake grows longer, making it more difficult to navigate the game without running into yourself.

Each time you run into an incorrect answer, more interior walls appear, making it more challenging to move arround.

After you solve 5 problems, you will advance to the next level, in which more walls will appear, making it more difficult to navigate.

Moving The Snake

You may choose to move the snake using the arrow keys on your keyboard, or by using the touch controls on the playing field. Touch controls can be turned on in the game options.

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