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Attribute Matching is a game which requires students to compare different colored and different sized shapes, to recognize the ways in which two objects are similar and the ways in which they are different.

Professor Puzzler will show the player an object which might be a square, a circle, a triangle, a star, or a hexagon. The object will be either yellow, red, or green. It will be either large or small in size. Thus, the player will have to compare three attributes: shapesize, and color.

If sound is enabled, Professor Puzzler will also speak the words aloud, which is valuable for children who are not yet reading.

After showing a shape at the top of the game field, Professor Puzzler will show three more objects at the bottom. Then Professor Puzzler will ask the player to find the object which is either:

  1. Like the top shape in two ways
  2. Like the top shape in one way
  3. Not like the top shape at all

Player will click the object that matches the specified attribute criteria.


If the player makes a mistake, Professor Puzzler will show the ways in which the selected object is like the object at the top of the screen, and then give the student a second chance to select the correct answer.


Each game consists of ten questions, worth a ten points apiece, for a total of one hundred points. If the player gets the correct answer after one mistake, five points will be awarded.

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