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Object Of The Game

Use the blackberry key pad letters, numbers and symbols to help you figure out the hidden word.

Game Instructions

The computer will select a hidden word. This is the word you must guess. In order to figure out the computer's hidden word, the computer will give you two pieces of information:

  1. A clue word which is (in some way) related to the hidden word
  2. The sequence of numbers and symbols that, on a blackberry's keypad, share a key with the letters of the word

Most of the blackberry keys contain one or two letters; for example, the key which contains the number two also contains the letters "T" and "Y." Thus, if the list of numbers begins with a number two, you know that the word must begin with either the letter "T" or "Y."

Once you have figured out the word, click the letters and submit find out if you are correct.

If your answer is not correct, the computer will tell you which letters were correct. This will help you zero in on the solution.

If this game is too easy for you, try playing the Telephone Game.

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