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This game gives players practice in recognizing which colors are closer to a match in hue, saturation, or lightness. 

How to Play

The game provides a color swatch (a rectangular box at the top of the game window). The swatches cover a wide range of hues, saturations, and lightnesses. Below the swatch there will be a row of three swatches to choose from. You must identify, by clicking, which swatch you think is closest to the given swatch.

Above the game swatch, there will be a sentence which gives you your instructions for the question. The instructions will be one of the following:

  • Which swatch is closer to the hue shown?
  • Which swatch is closer to the saturation shown?
  • Which swatch is closer to the lightness shown?

Be sure to read the question, because this will determine how you answer. Two swatches might vary significantly in their lightness, but be very close in hue or saturation.


A perfect score is 50 points. This is obtained by never clicking an incorrect swatch. Each swatch is worth 5 points. Each time you click an incorrect swatch, you will lose either 2 or 3 of those 5 points. You will lose 2 points if your guess was the second closest, and you will 3 points if you guessed the swatch which was furthest from the given swatch.

Setup Options

Quiz Type: You can choose any combination of hue, saturation, and lightness questions. The default option is to only ask you to identify close hues. If you choose more than one component, the game will ask you a few questions of each type.

Bunching: The bunching option controls how close together the colors are. If you choose the hardest option, all three choices will be very similar. If you choose the easiest option, the spread is much wider, making it much easier to recognize which swatch is closer.

Challenge Mode: Challenge mode allows you to make the questions more difficult. If Challenge Mode is off, then the swatches you choose from will match the given swatch in two of the three components. Thus, if you are being asked to identify the closest hue, all three choices will have the same saturation and lightness as the given swatch. Similarly, if you are being asked to identify the closest saturation, then the choices will have the same hue and lightness as the given swatch.

If challenge mode is turned on, the three choices will vary from the given swatch in all three components. The higher the challenge levell, the more the swatches will vary from the given swatch. This produces the interesting situation where you might be given a pale blue swatch, and the closest match is a dark blue swatch, because it's closer in hue than the other options.


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