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The object of the game is to find all four related words/synonyms for the given word in the Word Search Grid.

Game Instructions

At the bottom of the Word Search grid, you will see a single word in bold text. The word search grid contains four words which are either synonyms (words with the same meaning) or they are related words. For example, if the word given is "atlas," "map" might be one of the hidden words, since it is a synonym. Also, you might find the word "travel," which is not a synonym, but is certainly related to the word "atlas."

Beware: some puzzles might have "tricks." For example, if the clue word is "watch," one hidden word might be "look," which is related to the verb "watch." But another hidden word might be "time," which is related to the noun "watch"!

As you find words, click on either the first letter or the last letter of the word. Now move your mouse to the other end of the word. You will see the letters highlighted as you move the mouse. Once you have reached the end of the word, click again to complete your selection. If you found one of the words, the word will be circled and highlighted green.  If you did not find one of the words, the highlighting will disappear. 

The letters which are shown in boxes are hints. Each boxed letter is part of one of the four words. Use these hint boxes to help you look in the right area of the grid.

Helpful Hint

Some of the words are plurals and/or compound words. Thus, if the keyword is "reading," and the game doesn't accept "book," check to see if it is part of a larger word, like "books" or "bookstore."

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