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Object of the Game: The object of Diamond Slide is to earn points by selecting adjacent tiles with common attributes.

Game Play: The game board consists of 24 square tiles in a diamond configuration (with one tile missing from the top). The tiles have the following attributes:

  • Color: each tile is either red, green or blue
  • Letter: each tile has a letter
  • Font Color: each tile has either a black or white font

Remove tiles in pairs by clicking on any two tiles that touch on a side. When you click two adjacent tiles, they will disappear, and the remaining tiles will cascade down to fill the gaps you create. You will receive points based on how many attributes your two tiles have in common:

  • 5 points if they have the same font color
  • 10 points if they have the same tile color
  • 15 points if they have the same letter

Tiles with multiple common attributes will earn more points. For example, if two tiles are both blue, and both have the letter E, but have different font colors, they will be worth 10 + 15 = 25 points. If they also had the same font color and letter, but different tile color, they would be worth 5 + 15 = 20 points.

If two tiles are identical, you will receive a 20-point bonus for removing them together.

Strategy: Since the reminaing tiles will cascade downward in different ways depending on what tiles you remove, it's possible to move similar tiles next to each other in order to earn more points.

When you remove two tiles, take note of how the tiles are oriented with respect to each other, and then observe how the tiles cascade down; there is a "left-handed cascade" and a "right-handed cascade," and understanding the cascade pattern will help you control the position of tiles on the board.

Achievement Ribbons

Diamond Slide shows achievement ribbons for good scores. Achievement ribbons are a way of making sense of the number score you have. A green ribbon is a good score, a red ribbon score is very good, and a blue ribbon score is excellent.

How do we determine achievement levels for each Diamond Slide board? Well, some wonderful players on the old version of the site: solar, JmMerk, besiimademii, juliedmcl, and dkh to name just a few, knocked our socks off with some very high scores on every one of the game boards. So we used their very best scores as the basis for our achievement ribbons. If your score is at least 70% of their top score for that board, that's a green ribbon.  If your score is 80% of their best, that's a red ribbon, and 90% or more is a blue ribbon.

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