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In Matchstick Shuffle, your goal is to take the incorrect addition problem presented by the computer and turn it into a correct equation by adding and removing matchsticks from the display.

Each number is made up of several matchsticks, similar to the way numbers on a calculator or alarm clock are formed with lights or liquid crystals. You can remove a matchstick by clicking on it, or you can add a matchstick by clicking where you would like it to appear. By doing this, you change the number.

The computer will tell you how many clicks are allowed, and will count down to zero as you click matchsticks.

If you reach zero, the board will reset, and you will get to try again.

Number Formation

Please note that all numbers are formed in the same way they are on most calculators. You should especially note how sixes, ones, and nines are formed:

If you form these numbers in the following ways, they will not be accepted as properly formatted numbers:


About the Puzzles

There are over 3000 puzzles in the database, and for each puzzle, the computer has found one way of solving it. The computer's solution probably is not the best one, which means you may be able to solve the puzzle in less clicks than the computer allows you.

Game Options

You can choose to display the addition problems in either vertical or horizontal format.

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