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Memory Lane is a game designed to stretch your short term memory in a fun way.

Object of the Game

To remember the sequence of colors (or colors and shapes) shown to you by the computer.

Game Play

When the game begins, the computer will show you a shape, such as a red square or a blue pentagon, and will tell you "Remember this...".

After a couple seconds, the computer will show you a row of shapes, and you will be required to click the shape the computer showed you.

Then the computer will show you another shape, and you will be required to click (in order) the computer's first shape in the first row, and the computer's second shape in the second row. The game continues in this manner, adding a new shape to the list for each round.

Each time you make a mistake, an "X" will appear at the bottom of the game board, until you reach three mistakes, which ends the game.

Every time a round is completed, if you completed the round without any mistakes, one "X" will be removed.

If your current row of shapes ever scrolls off the top of the screen, the game ends, regardless of how many "X" marks you have.

Difficulty Levels

The following difficulty levels are available:

  • Novice - You will be presented with different colors, but only one shape. Also, in each row the shapes appear in the same order as they did in the previous round.
  • Easy - This is the same as Novice, except the items of each row are scrambled between rounds, preventing the player from remembering a sequence of positions.
  • Harder - In this level, you will see three different colors, but also two different shapes
  • Challenge - Challenge level shows four items per row, instead of three, and there are four different shapes which may appear.

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