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Object of the Game

To guess the positive integer the computer has randomly chosen.

Game Instructions

The computer randomly chooses a two digit number. You must ask the computer questions to help you figure out what the number is. Use the process of elimination to narrow down the choices. 

When you think you have figured it out, enter your guess and click 'Guess!' You can only guess once, so be sure you've eliminated all possibilities before guessing! 


Your score is based on how many times you guess, and also the number of questions you ask. Points are deducted each time you make an incorrect guess or click "Ask." Note that you can maximize your score by bunching questions, so you have to click "Ask" fewer times. Careful strategy will help you minimize both the number of questions you ask, and the number of times you click "Ask."

Game Hint

You may want to have a sheet of paper handy to help you eliminate choices!

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