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This game has not just been upgraded from the old version of the site: it has been completely redesigned. If you are used to the old version, please read the new directions before playing!

This game is designed to test your ability to spell words which are generally considered difficult to spell. You will be given a list of four words, and in this list, one of the four is spelled incorrectly. Unlike a game in which you are given variant spellings of the same word, and are expected to recognize the correct one, this game gives four different words, so you can't think, "Well, this looks like a more correct spelling of the word."  This makes the game a bit more challenging.

The game consists of 5 questions, and you will be given a score out of 100 points based on accurate you are.


In the game options, you can choose to have the game provide you with three incorrectly spelled words, and only one correct word. 

The most challenging variation is the "Surprise Me!" variation, in which, from one question to the next, you don't know whether the game will show you three incorrect and one correct, or vice-versa.

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