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The Picture Word Game is like a reverse game of hangman. In hangman, a picture (a man on a gallows, or some other picture) appears as you make incorrect guesses. In this game, each time you make a correct guess, a piece of a hidden picture appears. When you guess the last letter, the final pieces of the picture are uncovered, revealing the hidden picture.

What is the picture? Well, it's not a man on a gallows. There are a variety of pictures, ranging from pictures of animals to holiday images, and from volcanoes to knights in armor. The hidden picture is unrelated to the secret word.

All the words in this game have at least nine letters, and many of them are quite obscure and challenging.

How To Play
In the play field you'll see a square box; this is where the hidden image will be revealed. You will also see a block containing all the letters from A to Z. Below is a box containing one dash for each letter of the word. As you click on letters, if they are letters which are included in the word, the letter will replace the dashes, and a few regions of the picture will be revealed.

If the letter you guess is not in the word, a red "X" will appear at the bottom of the game window.

You are allowed 6, 7, 8, or 9 strikes before the game is over, depending on the choice you set in the game options.

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