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Quadratic Rush was designed to assist algebra and pre-algebra students in gaining skills which will be useful when they begin factoring quadratic equations. The game can be played by any students with an understanding of addition and multiplication.

Game Play

The game consists of a sequence of questions like: "Find two numbers that add to 7 and multiply to 12." Each problem has exactly one solution. In this case, the two numbers are 3 and 4. The player clicks the number three, and then the number 4. The site then verifies the solution. When you click a number, it appears in the equations at the top of the page. If you realize you have provided an incorrect number, click on the number in the equation, and you will be able to re-enter that number.

Note that the numbers are color-coded with the "keypads"; the first number is blue, and its keypad is blue.  When you are entering the second number (green), the green keypad will appear. This may be helpful if you lose track of which number you are entering.

In some cases, the answers may be negative. In which case, the player clicks the minus sign first to make the number negative.


Each level consists of five questions, and the player has 60 seconds to complete the level. The first two levels do not include any negative numbers. As you progress through the six levels, the answers may increase in size, making them more challenging to solve.


The player's score is based on two factors: how few mistakes are made, and how quickly the questions are answered.

More points are awarded for more difficult questions, so starting at a higher difficulty level may result in a higher score.


Yes, by all means, use a calculator if you need to! Especially as you move into the higher levels, the problems may become very cumbersome to solve without a calculator. On the early levels, however, good math students should be able to do well without the aid of a calculator.

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