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Object of the Game

The computer will give you 7 guesses to figure out the secret word. You make a guess by selecting letters from the alphabet. The computer will tell you which letters you picked are in the word, and which letters are in the right location in the word.

Game Instructions

At the top of the screen you will see a grid containing 7 rows of squares. The top row has empty squares. When you click on a letter in the alphabet below, the letter you click will move into the next available empty square. If the letter you selected is in the computer's word, the letter will turn yellow. If the letter is in the computer's word and it is in the right position (for example, the third letter you select is the third letter in the computer's word) then the letter will turn green.

When you have completed a row, the next row of squares will become empty, allowing you to try again. Letters you tried in the first row that are not in the computer's secret word are now gone from the alphabet, and the letters you previously picked which are in the computer's secret word are now highlighted bright yellow, making it easier to pick letters.

If you find out the computer's secret word in 7 guesses or less, you win. Otherwise, you lose.

You can choose the length of words you want to try by selecting a length from the list box.

Note: These are all words which have no repeated letters.

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