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Spell It! is a spelling game which is valuable for children who know their letters, know the sounds made by each letter, and are just beginning to learn how to put those letters together to make words. The words used in this game are (for the most part) spelled just as they sound, which makes the game good for children who are not yet ready to deal with all the exceptions to the rules of the English language. 

In this Spelling Game, the player will be shown a picture of a common object (such as a dog, a cat, a bed, a fan, etc). Then Professor Puzzler will show the player a set of letters and ask the player to choose the one that goes in the first space. For example, if the word is CAT, Professor Puzzler might show a B, an M, and a C. Professor Puzzler may also show pairs of letters (such as CH, OW, or EE).

The player then chooses the letter which should be used to begin spelling the word. Once the player has selected the correct letter (or letters), Professor Puzzler will take the player through the rest of the word.

Each quiz consists of 5 words, and is scored out of 100 points.

Notes For Parents

Young children may need help determining what the picture is. For the most part, the pictures are straightfoward, but some children may struggle with coming up with the right word.

Professor Puzzler does his best to keep things simple for your child. Thus, for example, if the word is STAR, Professor Puzzler will generally avoid showing both an S and a C as options, because C sometimes makes the same sound as S. Also, if a word contains two consecutive vowels (for example: BOOK), Professor Puzzler will avoid giving options which are vowels similar in sound to the double vowel. Finally, some consonant pairs such as TH, SH, and CK will appear from time to time. These are consonants which produce a single sound. In the case of CK, if a word (such as BLOCK) ends with CK, Professor Puzzler will avoid showing options like C or K, in order to avoid confusion.

In other words, Professor Puzzler does his best to make sure there is only one reasonable answer for each question.

Note that you may change play options to make the game more challenging.


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