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How is this Tic Tac Toe game different from "normal" Tic Tac Toe?  Well, at first it won't seem at all different.  Unless...the game is a draw.  Because in this version of Tic Tac Toe, there is no such thing as a draw.

When markers have been placed in all but one position on the board and it has been determined that the "cat" has the game, we toss the rules out the window, and turn it into a sliding game.

Markers will be highlighted if you are allowed to move them into the open space on the board.  Markers can be slid horizontally or vertically, and they can also wrap around the edges of the board to fill an empty space.

The objective is still the same: get three in a row!

One player says, "This changes the whole game; now the 'normal' Tic Tac Toe is just the prelude to the actual game."


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