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Please note that this game has changed significantly from the old version of the game; scroll to the bottom for details of the changes.

Trio Match is a game similar - in some ways - to Tetris. As in Tetris, players drop game blocks into a "well," and attempt to "clear" game blocks from the playing field. Unlike Tetris, this is not a high speed game. You are allowed to take as much time as you want deciding where to drop a game block. 

Object of the Game

To match shapes and colors of game blocks that are dropped into a "well."

Game Instructions

At the top of the playing field you will see a colored shape - it may be a square, a circle, star, hexagon or  triangle. The color will be either blue, green, or red. This is the next game block to be dropped into the playing field. You choose where to drop the game block by using the left and right arrow keys. Then press the down arrow to drop the block.

You can also look ahead to the next ten game blocks available to be dropped. Underneath the "Next Blocks," you will see the total number of game blocks left to drop in your game.

As you drop the game blocks into the playing field, you will attempt to make a trio (three-in-a-row either vertically, horizontally, or diagonally) of game blocks according to the following patterns:

A. (200 points) Same shape, different colors (for example, three circles, all of different colors)

B. (200 points) Same color, different shapes (for example, a circle, square, and triangle that are all blue)

C. (400 points) Different shapes, different colors (for example, a blue circle, a red square, and a green triangle)

D. (500 points + Game Over) Same shape, same color (for example, three blue circles)

Please note that a type D trio will end your game immediately! So why would you want to make a type D trio? If you are down to your last few game blocks, and can't see any other available trios, a type D trio lets you go out with a bang.

Each time you create one of these trios, all three game blocks will disappear from the playing field, and any game blocks which were above those game blocks will drop to the bottom.

If a trio is removed from the playing field, causing other game blocks to drop, and these dropped game blocks form a new trio, the new trio will not be removed. Another way of saying this: the only trios which count in your score are trios which include the game block most recently dropped.

When a trio of game blocks disappears, you will see that trio appear on the right, with its point value.


Each time you create a trio, you receive bonus blocks. The number of bonus blocks you receive depends on the number of trios created simultaneously. If one trio is created, one bonus block is received. If two trios are created, three bonus blocks are received. If three trios are created, five bonus blocks are received (and so on, adding two additional bonus tiles for each extra trio). In addition, bonus points are awarded for multiple trios created with a single block.

Also, if you can completely clear the playing field, you receive five bonus game blocks.

End Of Game

The game ends when you have used up all your game blocks. The game will also end if you create a trio in which all three game blocks have the same color and the same shape (type D trio) 


Getting multiple trios with a single drop is a key part of getting a high score, because simultaneous trios extend the length of your game. A good player will study the upcoming pieces carefully to find ways of setting up two or three simultaneous trios. The picture below is a sample of a setup for five simultaneous trios; can you figure out what piece to drop for 2000 points and 13 extra game blocks?

Changes from the Old Version

Trio Match now has levels.  The first two levels are actually easier than the old version, since extra shapes are added, making it easier to create trios.  In later levels, random blocks are added to the bottom of the well at the beginning of each level.

Bonus blocks are awarded each time you advance a level.

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