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Object of the Game

Below the crossword-style grid you will see a list of eight words. These words must be placed in the grid.

Game Instructions

Begin by selecting a word you want to place in the crossword grid.  The first word is already highlighted for you, so you don't need to click it if that's the one you want to place first. With a word highlighted, hover over the crossword grid and watch the crossword spaces fill in with the letters of your highlighted word. When you have the word where you want it, click a space to drop it.

If there was already a word in the space you chose, you will notice that the two sets of letters are supermimposed. When you drop the word, the word that was already in that position will disappear.

If the word you placed intersects another word, and the intersection point does not match, the other word will be removed and sent back to the bin.

If you make a mistake and want to remove a word from the upper grid, just click on the word, and it will return to the bin.

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