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Object of the Game

This game tests several thinking skills simultaneously, so be prepared to put on your thinking cap! 

You must rearrange the game tiles to create one or more sums as directed on the screen, before the time runs out!

Game Instructions

When the game begins, you will see a 5-by-5 array of single-digit numbers in boxes. The central square is missing. You can move the tiles around by clicking on a tile next to the empty space; this will slide that tile into the blank space. Note that, in the picture below, you can click on any of the green squares; clicking on the 8 at the top, for example, will slide both the 8 and the 9 below it down one space.

On the right hand side of the game window you will see a number inside a rectangular box. For example, you might see the number twelve. If you see the number 12, you must re-arrange the tiles so that one entire row or column adds up to the number 12. With just a few moves, I can rearrange the tiles so they look like the image below.

As you can see, the numbers in the left-most column add up to 12 now.

Once you have rearranged the grid so a row or column adds to the specified value, click "Check". The game then evaluates the rows and columns to see if you have created the number 12. If you have, you move on to the next level. If you have not created the correct number anywhere in the grid, you get a ZAP (a lightning bolt appears on the playing screen), and you must try again.

Once you've completed the first level, you'll move on to level two. In this level, the computer will show youtwo numbers on the right. You must make a row or column add up to the first number and you must make a row or column add up to the second number. Both sums must be complete when you click "Check" to complete the level.

In each successive level, you must create more sums, until you reach level 4. After level 4, you have to create 4 sums per level, but the amount of time available decreases for each level.

Running Out of Time

If you run out of time on a level, that counts as one ZAP. The timer is reset to the start of the level, but the game board stays as it was when you ran out of time. Occasionally, you will be pleasantly surprised to discover that you actually solved the level without realizing it - in that case, the game will tell you that the level is complete (though you won't get any time bonus) and move you on to the next level.


The scoring is primarily based on the amount of time remaining when the level is complete. Thus, you will obtain the best score by working very quickly.

End Of Game

The game ends when you receive 3 ZAPs. You receive a ZAP when you click "Check" before the level is complete, or if you run out of time.

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