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Webquest: Finding Information About Codes

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Webquest: Finding Information About Codes


This website contains several pages of interesting codes, that can be used to encode messages, and sometimes to decode messages. Each of the symbols at the top of the page takes you to a different page for a specific type of code. Your task is to explore these pages of codes, and to answer some specific questions below. For each question type a response in complete sentences (where appropriate).

  1. Does the binary code give the same result for both capital and lower case letters? Explain how you know.
  2. Who invented the Morse Code?
  3. What is the code to activate the bold feature in an html page?
  4. Write the following sentence in "backwards" code: "I love my math class!"
  5. One the hexadecimal page:
    1. In the hexadecimal code page, enter a single letter in the code box, and click "encode". What is the result?
    2. What happens if you continue to click "encode"?
    3. What message do you eventually receive?
  6. Why isn’t there an encoder/decoder on the Matrix code page?
  7. This message was encoded with the shifted alphabet code. Decode the message. "Zpv bsf dpssfdu!"
  8. What was the very first telegraph message ever sent?
  9. What five web browsers were listed on the HTML page?
  10. Decode this message: "|337 $p34|< 1$ 0n|y u$3d by n3//b13$."
Lesson by MisterMath

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