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Book Of Vowels - Long and Short Vowel Sounds

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Book Of Vowels - Long and Short Vowel Sounds

Lesson Plan

Objective: To identify the short and long vowel sounds in words.

Materials Needed: Twelve sheets of paper, a pencil, glue, a stapler,and flashcards with five words that contain short vowel sounds and five words that contain long vowel sounds.

Plan: The teacher will first review the vowels. After reviewing the vowels, the teacher will instruct the students on making the book of vowels. The students will take the twelve sheets of paper and staple six of the sheets in the shape of two books. The next step for the students is to write the words long vowels on the front cover of one book and the words short vowels on the other. The students will also number each page and write the vowels on each page. The students will then separate the words on the flashcards by the vowels sounds and glue them on the appropriate pages in the books.

Lesson by sluster

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