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Can the South Win the Civil War? Part II

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Can the South Win the Civil War? Part II

This article contains the student contract which goes with the article "Can The South Win The Civil War?"

Slavery - Civil War Unit Part II
Student Contract
Have students read the activities and then contract for the grade they would like to receive.
For an A do activities 1-6 and choose 4 projects.
For a B do activities 1-5 and choose 4 projects.
For a C do activities 1-5 and choose 3 projects.
For a D do activities 1-5 and choose 2 projects.
For an F do anything less than the above.


1. Draw a web that shows the slavery and/or Civil War themes for your selected book. Be prepared to explain and answer questions from the teacher or class.

2. Write about the problems and how they were handled in your book. Did all the problems have successful endings or were there tragedies? Were problems handled realistically? Give examples.

3. Pick the most important character. What personal traits helped him/her to solve problems? What attitudes were important? What signs of growth or change did you notice? Cite specific actions or statements in which the author reveals what the character is like.

4. What role does the setting play in the book? What do you notice about the way the story was told? How did the author put the story together?

5. Evaluate the ending of your book.

6. Compare your book with another slavery or Civil War book, or with another book portraying the life of African-Americans in another time.



  • Write a diary entry for one day or more pretending that you are the main character in the book.
  • Write a newspaper article about an event in your book.

  • Write a missing in action report or an obituary for a character in your book if it applies.

  • Make a poster for a runaway slave if it fits your book

  • Make a poster advertising a slave auction if appropriate.

  • Make a poster to recruit soldiers for the war(either side)

  • Make up a slavery song to fit your book. It must tell about the story, characters, incidents.etc.

  • Write an alternative ending (at least 2 pages)

  • Interview a character from your book on tape (audio or video)

  • Make a map of a battlefield in the Civil War

  • Create a map of slave states. Place events and characters from your book on the map

  • Make a scale model of the setting of your book.

  • Choose a scene from your book to dramatize. Include script, scenery, costumes,etc.

  • Do a project of your choosing, subject to approval of the teacher.



Students should present their contract work before the class.


Lesson by Margaret Twitchell

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