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Math Tutoring in Oxford Hills, Maine

If you live in the Oxford Hills Region of the State of Maine (including Norway, South Paris, Oxford, West Paris, Otisfield, Harrison, Hebron, and Waterford, Maine), Doug Twitchell offers tutoring services for reasonable rates. Tutoring is offered in the school room at our home, or (for an additional travel/time fee) in your home.

  • all high school math curriculum subjects - including algebra, geometry, pre-calculus and calculus
  • enrichment topics including more advanced number theory and problem solving techniques
  • tutoring is also available for younger students (middle school and elementary)
  • year long math courses taught as private lessons for home school students
  • summer course-work and enrichment
  • SAT preparation

To contact Doug about setting up tutoring sessions, please email Include your name, location, and subject being studied. Also, please indicate how many sessions you hope to have, over the course of what period of time.

About The Math Tutor

Douglas Twitchell is "Professor Puzzler" - the author of the popular "Ask Professor Puzzler" blog, which fields questions on a variety of subjects from mathematics to music and art.

Doug is also a web developer (this site, for example, was built by Doug), and a math and science teacher. Doug lives in the Oxford Hills region of Maine. Douglas has a B.A. in Mathematics from the University of Maine. He has been an award winning mathematics competitor both in high school and in college, and currently is a math competition problem writer and proofreader for various mathematics competitions, as well as a high school mathematics teacher at Oxford Hills Christian Academy. 

Doug is also a violin instructor, and a teacher for beginning guitar students. You may also use the contact address above if you are interested in music lessons.

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