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Thanksgiving Arrangements

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Thanksgiving Arrangements

There are 8 people gathered together for Thanksgiving dinner. They need to be seated around the table, but there are some complexities to arranging the group. Let me explain.

The table seats 8 people, with one at each end, and three on each side.

Of the 8 people, 5 (Allie, Betty, Cassie, Dory, and Ellie) are female, and 3 (Frank, George and Hank) are male.

Hank is painfully shy around girls, and therefore doesn't want to be seated next to any of the females.

Frank, who is hosting the party, wants to be at the head of the table, and wants his wife next to him*, in the clockwise direction.

Allie really dislikes Betty and George, and doesn't want to sit next to either of them.

Cassie is allergic to Dory's perfume and George's cologne. Therefore she cannot sit next to or directly across from either.

Starting with Frank, and going clockwise around the table, what is the order of the guests?

* "Next to," in the context of this problem, means they are adjacent in order - even though they might not be on the same edge of the table. For example, Frank is at the head, and Betty is on a side, but they are still next to each other.

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