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Twelve Days of Christmas
Santa and Mrs. Claus take a Christmas song to extremes - The Twelve Days of Christmas
Buying Christmas Gifts
A system of equations involving people buying Christmas gifts for each other
Moving Christmas
What would happen if we moved Christmas to a different day of the year?
A Christmas Carol
What Christmas Carol is represented by the display below?
Santa's Sack of Gifts
What Santa does with the gifts in his sack is going to get some children upset this year
Hermie goes Christmas Shopping
Hermie the Elf goes Christmas shopping, but all he has is coins in his pocket
The Grinch Goes Up Mount Crumpit
Calculate the force required for the Grinch's dog, Max, to pull the loaded sleigh back up the mountain
Christmas Tree Puzzle
Determine how many presents are underneath my Christmas tree
Leonard and William
Leonard and William receive StarFleet issue ping pong ball launchers for Christmas. They fire, and the balls collide in the air.
Christmas Tree Lights
Strings of red lights and green lights on my Christmas tree - a Christmas word problem
A Kranky Christmas
How much money would the Kranks have saved if they'd skipped Christmas altogether?
Waiting for Christmas
My son can't wait for Christmas. Here is a math problem about how long until Christmas
A system of four equations in four unknowns that spell out NOEL.

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