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Famous Explorers

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Do you recognize the names of these famous explorers? Do you know what each one is famous for?

When you click Start Quiz, multiple-choice questions will appear one at a time. Choose the correct answers, and find out how much you know!
Quiz by Mr. Twitchell

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Here are some of the questions you may encounter in the quiz Famous Explorers.

Who was known for exploring the Antarctic?
Who led the first expedition around the world?
Who was the first American to orbit the Earth?
Which explorer explored Australia and the South Pacific?
Who made the first solo trans-Atlantic flight?
Who was the first European to sail around Africa?
Who was the first person to walk on the moon?
Which explorer is known for exploring Africa's rivers?
Who is known as the first European explorer of the Caribbean and North America?
Who is known as the first European to reach North America?
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