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Life and Work of Martin Luther King Jr

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Martin Luther King Jr. Biographical information, life and word quiz. How much do you know about the civil rights leader?

When you click Start Quiz, multiple-choice questions will appear one at a time. Choose the correct answers, and find out how much you know!
Quiz by Mr. Twitchell

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Here are some of the questions you may encounter in the quiz Life and Work of Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther and Coretta King had ____ children.
At age fifteen, Martin Luther King Jr. enrolled in college at:
Martin Luther King Jr.'s birth name was:
The year in which Martin Luther King Jr. died was:
Martin Luther King Jr. organized a bus boycott in what city?
Martin Luther King Jr. wrote a now-famous letter from:
Martin Luther King Jr. was arrested:
Martin Luther King Jr. was a minister in what religious group?
Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated in:
Martin Luther King Jr. said that the greatest stumbling block in the way of freedom for blacks was:
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