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First Name: Claude
Painting: Water Lilies
Random Fact: died of lung cancer
First Name: Pablo
Painting: Three Musicians
Random Fact: developed Cubism
van Gogh
First Name: Vincent
Painting: The Starry Night
Random Fact: cut off his ear
First Name: Salvador
Painting: The Persistence of Memory
Random Fact: retired because of palsy
First Name: M. C.
Painting: Drawing Hands
Random Fact: drew impossible architecture
da Vinci
First Name: Leonardo
Painting: The Last Supper
Random Fact: an inventor and scientist
First Name: Henri
Painting: Woman Reading
Random Fact: originally studied law
First Name: Pierre-Auguste
Painting: In the Garden
Random Fact: painted despite arthritis
First Name: Evard
Painting: The Scream
Random Fact: parents died when he was a child
First Name: Jan
Painting: The Kitchen Maid
Random Fact: lived in Delft

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