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I get emails all the time from companies that want me to hire them to promote my website using their automated website promotion tool. Are these services any good?

First things first: under no circumstances should you use the service of a website promotion company that spams you.

Why? Because you are only encouraging more of that behavior. And also because there is something inherently wrong in a website promotion company that has to resort to spam! I've been spammed by numerous website promotion companies, and there hasn't been one that I could find using a search engine. Does that tell you something? Meditate on the irony of that for a moment.

Now. Let's say YOU find a website promotion company, instead of the other way around. Should you use their service? Perhaps.

  • Shop around. You'd be amazed at the price variations.
  • If they promise you that their automated tool will submit your site to EVERY directory and search engine, then reject them. There are some directories that get really miffed at automated tools, and will blacklist your site for using one.
  • Do we do Website Promotion and Search Engine Optimization work here? Yes, some, but mostly for our own clients hosted on our server.

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