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What Is An Easter Egg Page?

Did you ever, as a child, go on a hunt for Easter Eggs on Easter morning? Even though we didn't spend much time on Easter Egg hunts as children, we understood the delight of discovering something that was hidden.

HINT: Somewhere on this page there is a link to one of the Easter Eggs!

Over time, the word 'Easter Egg' has come to refer to anything hidden, whether in a piece of software, on a movie DVD, or on a website.

The Problem Site has several Easter Egg Pages. Some of these pages have interesting pieces of trivia, some have jokes and funny pictures, some have puzzle clues (take note, Treasure Seekers!). You never know what you'll find when you go searching for Easter Eggs on this site!

Some of the Easter Egg pages can be found by looking for the Easter Egg icon, but others may be hidden in different ways...I hope you have fun discovering the Easter Eggs as you play the games on this site!

Happy Hunting!

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