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This game is a simpler version of the game Attribute Matching, which is also found in the Junior section of the site. In this game, Professor Puzzler will show you some shapes, and display a message asking you to find a specific shape. If you have audio enabled, he will also state aloud a description of the shape he wants you to find.

Find the shape that matches his description, and click that image. If you are incorrect, the incorrect answer will fade out, and you will hear a warning sound. Try again until you click the correct shape.

You can choose between having Professor Puzzler ask you for colors, sizes (big and small), or shape names (including circle, square, rectangle, ellipse, star, trapezoid, triangle, and hexagon). You can also have him ask for multiple attributes. When in multiple-attribute mode, Professor Puzzler will show you more shapes to choose from, and the difficulty is slightly increased.

This game is exceptionally good for young children who cannot yet read, but are learning colors, sizes or shapes.

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