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Quad Puzzle

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Object of the Game

To completely fill the 4x4 playing grid in such a way that the colors and shapes along the edges of the puzzle pieces match the colors and shapes on adjacent puzzle pieces.

Game Instructions

To move a tile, click on it, and then click the location you want to move it to. The tiles you clicked will swap locations.

Your job is to place the tiles into the 4x4 grid in such a way that the edges of the tiles match. In other words, if a tile has half of a red circle on its top edge, the tile directly above it has to have the other half of a red circle on its bottom edge.

Also, the 4x4 grid "wraps" - the top edge of tiles on the upper row of the grid have to match the bottom edge of tiles on the lower row. Likewise, the left edge of tiles in the first column have to match the right edge of tiles in the last column. You might think that will make the puzzle more difficult, but in reality it makes it easier, because you don't have to worry about where you place the first can go wherever you like!


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