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Using logic and careful reasoning will help you guess the computer's random number. 

Object of the Game

To guess the positive three-digit integer the computer has randomly chosen.

Game Instructions

In this game, the computer gives you a series of statements about the secret number. You must use these statements to determine what the computer's number is.

Once you know what the secret number is, enter it in the textbox, and click "Guess!"

Game Hints:

Not every statement will be useful to you. For example, one statement might be "The product of the first two digits is less than 10." Another might be "The sum of the first two digits is less than 17." Clearly the second statement does not "narrow down" the choices at all.

If you guess incorrectly, the computer will show you your guess with correct digits highlighted in green. This will help you "zero in" on the correct solution, if you don't figure it out on the first try.

You may want to have a sheet of paper handy to help you eliminate choices! 

Click here if you would like to know how this game was designed.

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