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In Word Snake you will be given a clue word, and a grid of letters in which to find a word related to the clue word. The word can be found by connecting letters horizontally, vertically, and diagonally. Note that, unlike a word search, the word will not be found in a straight line; this is more like Boggle than a word search.

By default, the game provides a hint mode, in which the first letter is highlighted when you begin the game, and then every ten seconds after that another letter is highlighted. Highlighted letters will appear red.

Enter the word by clicking on the letters in the proper sequence. Each letter will be highlighted with a yellow background. Note that each successive clicked letter must border on the previous letter horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.

If you make a mistake, click the back arrow to undo your last click, or the "Clear" button to remove all your highlighted choices. You can also click any highlighted letter, and all the letters you clicked from that point onward will be deselected.

When you think you have the correct word, click "Check," and the game will tell you whether you've found the right word.

Note that in some cases there are multiple forms of the same word, so if your answer is not accepted, look for word variations. For example, if you entered "HORSE," check to see if "HORSES" is available. If you entered "PACK," check to see if PACKING" or "PACKAGE" are available.

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