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Object of the Game

The object of Word Spin is to earn points by creating words before time runs out.


Words can be formed using letters which are adjacent to each other in the proper word order. For example, if O is adjacent to N and N is adjacent to E, you may create the word ONE, but you may not create the word EON unless the E is also adjacent to the O.

Each word you create must contain at least three letters, and may not use any letter tile more than once. For example, you can only create the word EWE if you have a W tile and two E tiles.

When you have found a word, type the word and then press Enter on your keyboard (or click the Enter button on the game--whichever you find faster) to submit the word. If the word you have submitted is valid (according to the Enable2K dictionary), you will be awarded points for your word.

You will have three minutes to complete as many words as possible.

The letter wheels can be rotated to new positions by clicking and dragging with the mouse. This will allow you to achieve even more letter combinations.


The number of points awarded for a word is based on the length of the word, according to the following chart:

3 letters = 3 points

4 letters = 4 points

5 letters = 6 points

6 letters = 8 points

7 letters = 10 points

8+ letters = 14 points

One bonus point is awarded for each use of the following letters: F, H, K, V, W, and Y.

Two bonus points are awarded for each use of the following letters: J, X, Q, and Z.


You must play at least 10 games in order to have a rating. The rating is obtained by removing outliers (exceptionally good and exceptionally bad scores) from your recent games, and using the remaining scores to produce a rating.


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