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Finding Founders' Hall

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Finding Founders' Hall

What a refreshing find. For a country that, historically speaking, just happened, it is as close as you can come to discovering a heritage.

Prince Edward Island is a dream vacation spot. It has it all. There is a rustic beauty that is just waiting to be observed. There is a fictional wonderland that revolves around a house named Green Gables. There are delightful ways to soak in the Scottish-influenced culture all around.

In the midst of all of the well advertised sites lies an educational field trip just waiting to happen. A place that tells a story. The story of colonies becoming country. Founders' Hall is an entertaining door into the past.

Canadian children ought to be proud of their heritage. But in order to do that, they need to be aware of their heritage. Founders' Hall is a marvelous way to introduce them to the foundations of their country.

Beginning with the build up to the historic meeting of the Founders, and ending with the forming of a great country, Founders' Hall is a non-stop ride to knowledge. It is worth the trip.

My advice to families would be to plan a complete trip to PEI. Go for the fun, go for the culture, and tie in an educational stop to Founders' Hall.

Editor's Note: Founders' Hall is located in Charlottetown, PEI. The Founder's Hall website is located at:

Address, telephone number, admission fees, and other information can be found on the website. In addition, you can find a special page just for educators, including historical information and "fun stuff" for students. 

Lesson by J. Trent Boyd

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