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Pineland - Friday on the Farm

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Pineland - Friday on the Farm

On Feb 23, our children attended an event at Pineland Farms in New Gloucester, Maine. The event was "Friday on the Farm." It is a weekly event designed to teach children about farming, and the various activities that take place on a farm. The event is from 10:00 - 11:30, and costs $5 per person (as of 2018). 

When they returned my five-year-old dictated the following field trip report.

Friday, February 23, 2018

Today, we went to Pineland Farms in New Gloucester, for their "Friday on the Farm" program.

We got to see chickens, and then we got to go inside the chicken coop and we got to collect eggs. We put them in baskets gently, because the eggs might break if we throw them in. I saw a small kid toss an egg in and it got some cracks. We practiced with wooden eggs in the classroom.

The chicken coop was big and noisy with chickens. The teacher came out with a chicken and we got to pet the chicken. 

Then we came back out and we walked and walked and walked to the calf barn and pet some cows. And we had to use hand sanitizer to keep the cows from getting sick. At the dairy barn we saw bigger cows, and some had babies in them. The teacher let us touch some of the feed (TMR, or Total Mixed Rations), and it smelled like puke [comment from my wife: it actually smelled like vinegar].

And I saw like three cows poop.

And I milked a cow. The cow had an udder with teats, and then I squeezed a teat and milk came out. There was hay in the barn that the cows could eat, and we could feed it to them. Then we went out to where we parked our cars and drove to the place we got our tickets (welcome center) and had lunch, and I got a chick lollipop and then we went home.

15 Farm View Drive
New Gloucester, ME 04260
(207) 688-4539

Lesson by Mr. Twitchell

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