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I Have Emotions - Preschool activity and emotions

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I Have Emotions - Preschool activity and emotions

1. Topic Area/Activity Title: I Have Emotions

2. Why is this a developmentally appropriate activity?
This introduces emotions are feelings and why and how to express them appropriately with preschoolers.

Three's and four's will have no trouble with this activity with supervision.

3. Objectives: The child should be able to...
Discuss different emotions through pictures of facial expressions.
Learn facial expressions are useful in determining how someone feels.
Hear situations and talk about experiences in which children are made angry, and ways to control temper
Paint pictures of themselves as they see themselves in mirrors.

4. Preparation:

List of materials:
6 books by Brian Moses "I Feel Angry", "I Feel Sad", I Feel Jealous", I'm Worried", "I'm Happy", "It's Not Fair"
paper, assorted paint in containers, paint brushes
able, smocks and newspaper, tape; remove chairs from table
photos of different facial expressions

a. Preparation of the environment:
Cover table with newspaper and tape down. Place paint containers, smocks and brushes with mirrors on table. In group area, put books and facial expressions.

5. Procedure:

b. Motivational technique:
At group time, the teacher will be discussing the day's activities. This week we are talking about ourselves. Today we are discussing emotions. We cannot see or touch our emotions. Emotions are our feelings. Sometimes we have an emotion of anger and we might shout. We might have an emotion of being sad and we might cry. We might have an emotion or being happy and we might laugh. I have 6 books here. See the children on the front? One is sad, mad. What does this one look like? The title of this book says, "It's Not Fair!" Do you see his face? Look at this face. I will read 2 books now and at centers we will talk more about emotions and feelings. You will have a chance to look at your face and paint a picture of you. What kind of emotion will you have? We have lots of pictures of faces here. I will show you and we will talk about each emotion.

c. Teacher's role: Look at all these 7 pictures. Pass them around to the entire group. Who can tell me what this lady is feeling? How can you tell? Is there a picture of a sad face? Which one? What makes you think the man is sad? I am going to read "I Feel Angry" and "I'm Happy" today. I will read the others tomorrow. After I read, we will talk about the ways the children in the book were made angry. Maybe some of this has happened to you. When we finish, you may go to centers. One center will be painting your portrait with mirrors. Please take a mirror and look at yourself as you make a happy face or a sad face or whatever you choose. Paint it and when it dries, we will put it on our Feelings wall.

d. Child's role: The children will see pictures of emotions/feelings and talk about them. They will hear the stories read to them and explore day to day situations in their own life. They will learn that emotions are a part of everyday life. They will paint their own face on a paper.

e. Adaptations for children with special needs: A child in a wheelchair can wheeled around the circle by another child or assistant, so pictures can be handed to him. Chairs will be moved from table so he can be moved closer to get to paint and paper. A visually-impaired child can be in an area with extra light for the center activity as well as being shown the pictures. An assistant can tell him or a specialist in detail the pictures and books.

f. Conclusion and transitional activity: Thank you for such detailed portraits! You have put a lot of work in your feeling pictures. It is now time for you to put your paintbrushes into the containers and go to the sink. Wash your hands. Rinse well. Then remove your smocks and place them in the basket.

Lesson by kidzrme

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