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Teaching children - part one in a series of articles on teaching for all ages. This article covers tips for teaching children.
Teaching Teenagers - How to effectively teach a group of teenagers: relationship, significance, and hypocrisy
Teaching Adults - Part Three in a series of articles on teaching across the ages. This article focuses on teaching adults.
Teaching Senior Citizens - Part Four in a series of articles on teaching across the age spectrum. Focus on senior citizens.
Spanning The Ages - Final installment in a series of articles on teaching and preaching to an audience of mixed ages

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Spanning The Ages Part 1 - Teaching Children, Spanning The Ages Part 2 - Teaching Teenagers, Spanning The Ages Part 3 - Teaching Adults, Spanning The Ages Part 4 - Teaching Senior Citizens, Spanning The Ages Part 5 - Putting It All Together

Understanding Coronavirus Spread

A Question and Answer session with Professor Puzzler about the math behind infection spread.

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