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Creative And Challenging Math Problems For Competitions

Since the early 1990s, Douglas Twitchell has been writing competition math problems for county, league and state competitions across the country, from Maryland to Washington state.

Twitchell is a former competitor and award winner in a variety of state and national math competitions. He has won awards and recognition in leagues such as MAML, NEML, ASMA, NEAML, and in 1986 ranked in the top 150 nationally in the prestigious William Lowell Putnam exam.

When he is not writing problems for competitions, Doug functions as the primary writer at the Ask Professor Puzzler blog, as well as writing many math problems and physics problems for this site, and teaching high school level math and science.

Writing And Proofing

Twitchell's problems are carefully crafted and written, with diagrams where appropriate, all cleanly formatted for printing. Each problem is proofed to guarrantee both accuracy and clarity. Proofing is done by a high school math teacher and math team coach, and the proofing cost is included.

Problems and solutions are written and submitted as a Microsoft Word document. The client is responsible for formatting the documents to include appropriate league instructions, logos, or other features. Other formats may be available at additional cost.

Difficulty Levels

When problems are proofread, the proofreader assigns to each problem a difficulty level from one to four. Level One problems typically are quite accessible to any student is familar with the topic of the problem. These are considered to be "confidence builders." Level Two problems are more difficult, but still accessible to the majority of students. Level Three problems are a good challenge for well rounded students. Level Four problems are designed to distinguish between good and exceptional students.


Pricing depends on the number of problems, as well as the number of problems at each difficulty level. Rush jobs are typically more expensive, so be sure to make arrangements several months in advance. Click the contact link below to send an email explaining your competition needs. We will respond within 48 hours to email inquiries. 

Difficulty Samples

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