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Paper Craft: Icosahedron Christmas Card Ornament

This project takes some patience, as it requires cutting and folding 20 identical pieces. I did this a couple years ago with my 5-year-old son. He enjoyed the project, and the image to the side is our result. Note that this is a large ornament; it is not designed to hang on a Christmas tree. It might be possible to make one for a tree, but each side would be very small!

Printable Icosahedron Ornament Template

Recommended Tools


  1. Print the printable template on cardstock (scale the print size for smaller or larger ornaments).
  2. Cut out both the circle and the triangle.
  3. Select 20 Christmas cards (we always save cards each year, knowing that we might want to do crafts with them someday). The cards should contain an image which will fit within the circle, such that the primary center of focus fits within the triangle if it was superimposed on the circle.
  4. Place the circle on a card and trace around it.
  5. Now place the triangle fully within the traced circle, and trace around it.
  6. Cut along the circular line.
  7. Using your knife, carefully score (but do not cut through) the traced triangle lines.
  8. Fold each scored line. Note that you will be folding forward, which will be harder than folding away from your cut mark. You might find it easier to fold away from the cut first, in order to form the crease, and then fold the other direction.
  9. Repeat this process for all twenty cards.
  10. Taking two cards at a time, line up folded flaps and glue them together.  Small clamps can be used to hold them in place while the glue dries.
  11. Before closing the final edge, insert string or ribbon and glue it, in order to hang the ornament.

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