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Thanksgiving Activities

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Thanksgiving Activities

Mr. Halliday is going to have 27 family members gathered together at his house on Thanksgiving. As each person enters the house, he provides them a ballot which they can use to vote for the activity they want to do on Thanksgiving. The ballot looks like this:

Watch a parade
Watch a football game
Play charades
I don't care

Six people chose "watch a parade," eight people chose "watch a football game," four people chose "play charades," and seven people chose "I don't care."

The remaining people thought having a Thanksgiving Day ballot was ridiculous, and so they randomly checked an item without looking at it.

Mr. Halliday decided that if "I don't care" won the most votes, or if there was a tie between two choices, he would remove the "I don't care" ballots and then randomly select the activity by selecting one ballot from those remaining.

What is the probability that his guests will be watching football on Thanksgiving? Give your answer as a decimal rounded to four decimal places.

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