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Multiple-Step Problems

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The memory features can be used to help you with multiple step problems, but there is also another key that may help you with that; it's the ANS (answer) key.

The answer function is the 2nd function of the (-)key, which is in the very bottom row of the calculator keys.

The ANS function lets you take the answer to your previous calculation and include it in your next calculation.

For example, suppose I was doing the following:

142 - (13 + 11)

I could do the entire problem in one long expression followed by the ENTER, or I could split it up into parts. Let's say I want to start by finding out what 13 + 11 equals. So I press 13 + 11 =

Now I finish the problem by pressing the following keys:

142 - 2nd ANS =

The result, 118, is displayed.

In the particular example given, doing it this way results in more keystrokes, and is not necessarily valuable (unless you also need to know what 13 + 11 equals!), but there are circumstances where it might be helpful. Consider the following:

13 + (154 - 12) + √(142 - 7 · 19)

That's a lot of numbers to punch into the calculator, but as I look at it, I think to myself, "Hmm...I wonder if 142 - 7 · 24 is less than 0. If it is, there's no point in doing this problem, because I can't take the square root of a negative number!" 

So before I do anything else, I enter 142 - 7 · 19 =. Well, it turns out that it is more than zero, so I have to do the rest of the problem, but now I can just enter:

13 + (154 - 12) + √(ANS)

to finish the problem.

In the problems below, use your calculator to find the answer, but be sure to use the ANS function at least once in each problem.


14 - (3+11)
16 · (5+2)
5 - (4 ÷ 2) + 3(5 + 1)
100 - (2 + 11 + 50)
15(8 - 3) + 2(8 - 3)
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