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Educational Tutorial and code puzzles: Codes, Decoding and Secret Messages: How codes are used, and different types of codes, including morse code, co
Probability lessons - explanation, examples, and word problems involving probability for high school students
What is a proof? Exploration of various types of proofs and how they are used
How to simplify various kinds of radical expressions, including square roots, cube roots, and expressions with radicals in the denominators
Learn more about polynomials and polynomial equations. How to find solutions, understanding conjugates, relation between roots and coefficients, and t
A brief unit on calculation, reduction, and uses of determinants
Some tips and tricks for factoring cubic polynomials and other higher degree polynomials
Arithmetic mean, geometric mean, harmonic mean; how to use them and when to use them. The Pythagorean Means.

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Codes and Secret Messages, Estimation, Introduction to Proofs, Probability, Slick Math, The Golden Ratio, TI-30X II

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