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Beginner Programming Tips

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Toggling a variable between two values in a computer program; switching a bit from zero to one and back.
Random number generators -- creating and understanding how they work, with Basic example using Rnd function and int function.
Does an equation have a value? Yes, you can find the values of equations - True or False, in Boolean terms.
Counting truth values -- how many equations in a list are true or false? Counting up the true statements.
Testing for zero -- three methods to determine if one or more computer variables is equal to zero.
Walk through an array -- convert a two-dimensional index to a one-dimensional index. Use a function for reusable code.
Walk through an array -- convert a one-dimensional index to a two-dimensional index, using integer division and modulus math.
Removing Array Elements -- how to remove an element from an array, using basic programming techniques.
Parsing a string containing a comma-separated list of values to extract the values and perform some action with those values.
Given a number of seconds, convert that into minutes or hours. Uses the Mod function, Integer division, and the Format function.
A function to make words either plural or singular, depending on whether an integer variable is one or not.
Every time you select a section of code to copy and paste, ask yourself, 'Should this be a function?'
Randomizing an array: how to you scramble the order of elements in an array?
Randomizing an array by randomizing a second array containing indices into the first array.
Use the random function to generate random passwords.
How to validate an e-mail address entered by a site visitor. Does the e-mail address have the proper format?

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