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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Layla on October 16, 2010
"One of the many nightmares I've been having lately. This one's from last night. Enjoy! "


I don't normally dream much, but lately I have been having nightmares. Not just the quick and furious types that leave you dazed and you'd forget as soon as you, the ones I've been having are detailed and real to the bone and the one last night, even left me shouting through as I passed from dream to reality.
Last night I dreamt of dying.
But there's more before that. I was watching a scene from a movie, a love scene between an older man and a much younger girl. The girl was the actress from 'An Education' and older man was Ewan McGregor. In my dream, he is my boyfriend (I do not have a crush on Ewan McGregor at all so I don't know what my subconcious was working up to with that!). Anyway, I was heading to a bookstore with Ewan and I had purchased a pink and tiny looking book which looked like it could well have been written by a 12 year old juvenile. We walked out and there she was, his co-star all dressed up in frills and ribbons. She said she was just coming to check out her new book which had just been published then looked at the one in my hand and squeeled, "oh, that's the one!". Ewan starts playing with her hair while praising her, in which she soaks up with shameless lash batting and tongue in cheek. Disgusted, I shoved the book in her boofy chest and asked her to have it, then stormed off.
Suddenly, I was in a massive grand hotel sort of environment. Think Grand Hyatt or Shangri-La, but multiplied by ten. I was heading towards the elevator when I noticed a corner with a table and a top hat sitting on it. I walked over and flipped the hat over finding all sorts of tricks inside. I tried to play out the tricks from this magician's hat when I noticed a short stubby man standing in front of the elevator. He was stiff and his face pale. It wasn't until he started shuffling into the elevator that I noticed a gun pointing into his back. My jaw dropped and I froze, afraid that if I made any noise I'd be dead too. The elevator door closed with a pleasant 'ding' sound and the two men were gone. 'Ding', the elevetor next to it opened as well and a woman's head bulged out before it was pulled back in with gloved hands over her mouth and another gun pointing to her head. My heart drummed over the loud chatter around me and I thought I could burst from it. I didn't know what to do. I ran out to the main lobby and noticed there were paparazzi dressed in 1950's suits with large old-fashioned cameras. It was like they were expecting something to happen. People and chatter were everywhere as I scrambled over to the lobby counter for help. Suddenly a gunshot soared and everyone went down. Someone stood on the counter table and started shouting about traitors and lies. Everyone including me had their heads down on the floor whimpering "I'm sorry". Then, from nowhere lights began to flicker and the floor began tipping. We were on a cruise SHIP like the Titanic!! Everyone began screaming and chandeliers crashed down just like in the movies. I ran out to the porch and found Ewan McGregor (my boyfriend) and we engaged ourselves in pointless bickering about his affair with his co-star and how we are going to die soon but the last person he slept with was her, in which he just tried to laugh off before I slapped him across the face. It was then I noticed the skies were out of view and the sea was black and monstrous; we were ants amongst this menacing sea. Me and Ewan split apart when the ship tipped to an almost vertical stance and I was holding onto a pole and swinging madly like a tube flag. Before I knew it I was swallowed by the merciless black sea, romping all over and screaming; my voice muted with bubbles, apologising for all the wrongs in my life and asking God to forgive me. Muted. I could feel myself suffocating and giving up but not wanting to, yet feeling absolutely helpless.
I died this morning and woke up in a queen size bed with pink sheets. Thank God I still have another chance, I thought.

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