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Why is Fifteen Minutes of Fiction at The Problem Site?

Since 2007 Fifteen Minutes of Fiction, has existed as its own separate site. Now it is being hosted as part of The Problem Site. Click here for the short version of what happened.

Popular User submissions

Currently we are not accepting new user submissions, but these are some of the most popular writing pieces from the years when new submissions were accepted. We hope at some point to re-open the user-submission feature of the site. Click the following link if you would like to be notified when we are open for new submissions

Chisel, Hammer, Stone
Letter to Santa Claus
Synchronized Swinging
Dance With Me
Heaven Is Where...
Fear Man
The Stable
George Washington's Secret Hobby
The Fable of Snow White and the Frog Prince
The Toast - A Sonnet
Hello Spammer. Hello Scammer
Fee Fi Fo Fum!
Unknown Writer Day
Ode to a Toad
The Twilight Avenger
This Is the Way the World Ends
If Wishes Were Horses Then Beggars Would Ride
Davy Jones
The Fable of the Lovely, Lonely Rose
We have so much to speak of, you and I
Jake's Dark and Stormy Night of the Soul
It Wasn't Me (Letter To Santa)
Lord, Haste the Day
The Fable of the Squirrel and the Bird Seed
Long Life Span
What's New on TV?
Hope's Ugly Sister
Word Patterns in a Box
Mankind Is Good, and Getting Better
The Care and Feeding of Humans
A New Olympic Event!
My Clever Christmas Scheme
The Sound of Snow
Two Brothers and a Funeral
The Little Engine That Thought It Could
Paradise Lost
To Paul and Art
Three Men on a Hill
The New Yorker and the Oyster
Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue
Everybody Needs Somebody Sometimes
Nick (The Boy with Half a Brain)
It Troubles Me To See Such Tiny Folk
The Toyota
A Miserable, Awful and Terrible Day
On writing a short story
Ode to the Fort by the Sea
Heath Ledger
Star Light, Star Bright, First Star I See Tonight
Timothy and Travis, the Troubled Teenage Tigers
William Goes Shopping
Orcas and Sketchpads
A Chicken, a Dog, and a Cow
Sacred Silence
It Felt Like the End of the World
Growing old
Thoughts of "Could've"
To My Wife
The Test of Time
Driving Haiku
Entranced by Beauty Divine
Election Day Sonnet
Ed Loses His Job
Taking a Mulligan
Time and Eternity
Performing Arts School Admissions Office
Christmas In A Big Family
Christmas in Iraq
Lord Of The Rings Filmmaking Secrets
To Will
The Stars
The Barbaric Horde
When I Grow Up
The Story of My Life
Give It Up!
Hikers Brave and Free
My Culinary Masterpiece
Powerful Dreams
Writer's Block
Mother Nature's Beauty Pageant
Long Winter Nap
The Strange Behavior of Piper the Cat
Electing a New King
Beauty Lies Too Heavy
An empty page
Jazz Ensemble
I Lost My Job
I Don't Know Any Better
Walking my thoughts
Summer Camp: Twenty-Six Miles across the Sea
If I Could

Fifteen Minutes of Fiction History

In 2007 the owner of The Problem Site decided to create a website for writing. At the time, The Problem Site was primarily a site for math problems and games, so hosting it here didn't seem to make sense. Instead, we opted to create it as a whole new website.

At the time we were still using GoDaddy as a hosting service, which is cheap and fine for small business customers, but it became painfully evident over the years that GoDaddy was not a very practical solution for more complex websites. We started gradually moving our family of websites away from GoDaddy to more reliable hosting services.

It was always the intent to redesign Fifteen Minutes of Fiction (and possibly host it here at The Problem Site), but last week GoDaddy made modifications to the server which caused the site to become non-functional. To make matters worse, GoDaddy has severely limited their technical support options, and getting them to fix their issue was going to be problematic.

You may have noticed a period of one or two days during which the site was partially or completely inaccessible. It was during those two days that we made the emergency decision to make the transfer away from GoDaddy long before we anticipated.

Because this was an emergency transition, the primary goal was to get the bulk of the content in place, even though we don't currently have the time resources to get the functionality of member submissions in place.

It is our hope that at some point in the future we will be able to restore the full functionality of the site. If you want to be notified when we are ready to receive new members and new writing submissions, please send us an e-mail.

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