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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Bronwyn Wright on October 27, 2010


nothing could have hit me this hard
i could have sworn i was invincible
that i could create this world
where i could live in my citadel
shooting down hardship in its tracks
before it penetrated my existence
but no matter how hard i try
you find a way in
you're in my dreams
you creep into my daily thoughts
i'm more lost than i've ever been
because this has no precedent
this has not happened before
this is such a new feeling
the feeling of genuine heartbreak
the feeling of seeing your smile
and feeling my carefully reconstructed heart
fall to pieces like a house of cards
i climb this mountain and those drops of water
that only want to fall
are stopped in their flight
to take notice to the boy who thought he had it all
until he suddenly didn't
isn't the sun supposed to kiss you
not bite you with it's razor sharp teeth
everything i once enjoyed
loses all rhyme and reason without you
and it hurts
and i can feel the stitches
pulling on the fabric of my heart
overtime i look into those eyes
the ones that got me like no others could
how do i live when
in the lifetime of a couple hundred house flies
i have forgotten how to
or the will to exist in harmony
an equilibrium unachievable
the strings of my being
pulling tight and breaking like the strings of a guitar
the breaking that destroys that music
that once was but can never be again
who knew that this could hurt this much
everyone who has ever fallen in love

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