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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Sesej on November 4, 2010

First Line

"I looked out the window and saw something that would change my entire life." A bear was sitting on the branch of a tree, eating some mushrooms that were previously laying on my porch. I don't like bears, but this bear was especially hateable. The look in his eyes were reminiscent of wolf.
He just sat up on that branch and glared at me. Eating the mushrooms, handful by handful. I kept praying the branch would snap when he had eaten too many mushrooms. But then it occurred to me that the entire weight of the branch wouldn't shift if he consumed more mushrooms. So I let out a sigh and plopped onto my couch and hit the remote. Then it broke.
At that point, I realized hitting a remote with a hammer did nothing good for me. All it did was break my remote. I tried fixing it, but kicking and using spit as glue did nothing.
Then I wondered, "What would Jesus do?" So, at that point, I decided that Jesus would get a job and buy a new remote. After throwing on my grease-stained sport suit, I started to open up the door when I realized that bear was still on that branch... still staring at me.

I really wish bears didn't have paws. Really.
Regardless, I decided that this bear must have some religious meaning. Perhaps. So I ended up pacing throughout my house back-and-forth until I came to the conclusion that maybe the bear was on that branch because he could be.
So, after my enlightenment, I preceded to pace some more until I realized that my previous thought was golden and there could be no other explanation.
In response to this enlightenment, I picked up my phone. And then I looked at it. After that... I set it back down.
I really do wish bears didn't have paws. Really.

I think that, perhaps, I should try to scare the bear into fear. I walked outside and grabbed my shotgun. I poked it at the bear's butt and threatened to shoot him. At which point, the bear slowly turned around and stared into my eyes. At that point. I realized everything I ever thought was wrong. This was a girl bear.

After the bear finished staring into my eyes approximately 3.42" from my face, it burped in my face and scratched its butt as it turned around and preceded to consume my mushrooms. I poked her butt again with the barrel and pulled the trigger.

Too bad I left the safety on. The bear glanced back at me and then nonchalantly continued to eat its mushrooms. I sweared ever so kindly and threw down the shotgun. Then I hastily picked it back up and pointed it at the bear's head.
The bear licked the barrel of the shotgun. As tears ran down my face, I began to pull the trigger again...

I forgot to load it. The bear stuck its tongue in the barrel and began to roll its tongue.
I decided to just give up on the shotgun idea. I walked under the branch of the tree. I jumped up and grabbed the branch and attempted to bring it down.

*SNAP* The branch cracked off of the tree, the bear with it--still uncaring of the situation. The bear landed on me and I died.

This bear outside of my window affected the rest of my life. It made the rest of my short-lived life worrying about the bear. This bear just wanted to sit down on the branch. All it did was eat some mushrooms that I didn't want to eat. Instead, I freaked out and tried to get rid of it. Because of this, my life ended.
Don't try to dramatically kick out any change in your life. Let it happen, or you will eventually pull on that branch that kept you alive. The branch that the bear just wanted to eat some mushrooms on.

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